Austin is always a favorite city when it comes to real estate, and it is likely that that trend will continue into the future. As sales increase in the area ad average inventory shrinks, now is a good time to sell your house. Houses are remaining in inventory an average of 6 days, down from two months. Also, the average price for a home is roughly $377,000, an increase of 3.7%. With that as a consideration when we say that “We buy houses Austin TX 15935”, it means that we are looking for homes in the area for purchase and now may be the time to sell.

A potential seller needs to debate a number of factors beyond just the selling stats. After all, real estate will almost always sell; it is just a matter of time before any real estate will sell, especially if the land is in the right area and it is not a complete mess. For most people there are usually three reasons to sell: The property has become a problem, they are looking for an excuse, and it is an easy way to deal with inherited property.

The last is the easiest: Inherited property comes with a number of problems and selling the property deals with those taxes. There is also the possibility that none of the heirs really want to deal with the upkeep of the property or any of the other responsibilities of being a home owner. In that case the heirs simply decide to sell the property and split the proceeds. For those looking for an excuse, they just are itching for a reason to go somewhere else or even just buy an RV and hit the road. They are just looking for someone to buy their property, but they want the easiest possible route; someone buying it outright just sounds like a great opportunity.

The first reason is usually the most complicated. In the simplest possible case the home owner simply arrives at the conclusion that they are not ready for home ownership and the sooner that they get rid of the property the better. For others it can be a lot complicated, as they are ready for it mentally, but they have to deal with ever-mounting bills; the reality is just not matching the fantasy. That person is looking for a way out from under all of the pressure as owning a home is just too much. Selling the home is just the right solution.

As such they are looking to sell the home as quickly as possible but do not want to deal with a protracted sale. That is where we can help. We offer to purchase your Austin home so as to help you move on with your life. We take on the risks of selling your home, such as selling it below its market price or if it never sells, and you get the money for the property. We just make things that much easier for you. Contact us for more information so that we can help you transition to the next stage of your journey today.