There are in excess of 2,000,000 real estate agents in the US. Competition is fierce across the popular profession and realtors have a long list of responsibilities. These include mortgage advice, mediation, and submitting paperwork.

Are you new to the business and wondering when and how you’re going to make your first sale?

Look no further than this post outlining real estate agent tips for beginners. Continue reading for the lowdown.

  1. Choose the Right Brokerage

So you’ve got your license. What next? Be sure to pick the most suitable brokerage for you. Don’t make the common error of focusing solely on the commission split.

The development program that brokers offer can vary greatly. Things like training schemes and mentorships. Think all aspects through before making a decision.

Research your area and the brokers in it. How do they run their business and what’s their philosophy? Does it align with yours?

It may be a good idea to specialize in one area of real estate, so make sure the brokerage you select fits with your niche.

  1. Relationships Are Key

Your sphere of influence needs to be as wide as possible. To help with that, network regularly and nurture existing relationships.

And to generate real estate leads, focus on the people you already know such as friends, family, and associates.

Don’t forget to ask people for referrals – these are hugely important. On average, realtors get upward of 30% of their business from referrals.

For more information on leads, check out these 9 real estate lead generation ideas.

It’s also helpful to learn what your customers want. Chances are, they’ll have done some independent market analysis. They’ll come armed with questions. Make sure you’re able to deliver on the detail by staying educated.

  1. Image Is All-Important

Don’t underestimate your appearance. You are your brand, so make sure you come across professionally.

For example, dress appropriately, be courteous, and make eye contact with clients. Ensure written correspondence is error-free and create engaging marketing and advertising materials.

  1. Make the Most of Tools and Technology

Keep track of your client base through a spreadsheet program or an email database. Consider creating your own website. And think about investing in marketing software for business cards, flyers, and brochures.

Social media is your friend and an inexpensive form of selling your services. Stay active with regular, compelling posts.

  1. Communication Is Vital

Always follow up with prospects. Contact clients a day or two after you’ve shown them a property and follow up until they’ve made a decision either way.

And make sure you respond to emails and calls in a timely and satisfactory manner. You don’t want to get a reputation for unreliability.

Real Estate Agent Tips for Beginners

There is no magic formula to guarantee success in the real estate world. But there are a handful of methods you can adopt that will help.

Our five real estate agent tips for beginners range from choosing the right brokerage for you to communicating well.

What’s more, utilize technology, cultivate a professional image, and foster strong relationships.

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